G J Web Services

I started G J Web Services because I kept hearing stories from business owners about horror stories with getting websites developed.

These stories ranged from:

  • paying $100’s for someone from overseas to build their site which they never got what they wanted because of language barriers and just not understanding to
  • being charged $1000’s for very simple static website with no bells or whistles to
  • a few businesses even got charged $1000’s and never got a website at all.
  • Than you have the free websites, oh my goodness the troubles people have with them can be very frustrating… Some start out free and if you want anything from a custom Domain name to some functionality you have to pay an arm and a leg. Of course the other problem is some of these “free” websites are not even mobile responsive and you get zero search engine optimisation included. So you may as well stick your website in your top draw because you don’t know how to have people find it.

With all of this in mind I got very frustrated because I am passionate about local small businesses and helping them to establish and I knew I could do something to help provide these businesses with an understandable, affordable, quality expandable alternative.

I find most times with small businesses they only need a small website to start with that can then be expanded down the track when the business expands. Websites like this do not need to cost $1000’s

My Family

My Husband, myself, my 2 children and my Mum.

I graduated from Griffith University last July with a Double Degree in IT  & Multimedia with an Award Major in Interactive Entertainment and Games Programming and a major in Computers & Intelligent Systems and I am currently doing a Diploma of Digital and Interactive Games through Evocca and a Certificate IV in Small Business Management through Sarina Russo.

I love to utilise my skills to enhance the world around me and help businesses thrive.

I have developed many websites for small business which I continue to host and my existing clients are very happy. My favourite thing to hear from my clients is their enthusiasm and excitement when I design something for them that is either exactly what they wanted or even better than they could have imagined. From my perspective that is priceless!

Quotes from clients:

OMG!!! …LOVE it !!!…


Thank you so much! Did I mention your AMAZING!?

by MD Daisy Hill QLD

Crystal at her formal

Crystal at her formal

I home educated my daughter Crystal from grade 2 through to grade 10 while doing my degree and I learnt so much about helping people understand concepts. I am so proud of her as she now is going on to complete her Bachelor in Creative Industries at QUT after graduating high school as a prefect at the private school she attended on the Gold Coast.


Client quote:

“You make things make sense”

by IS Toowong QLD

I love being able to use multimedia and the internet to enhance business, educational & life experience.

I believe it is important to always be on a journey of improving all areas of your life not just vocationally. I am passionate about Personal Development and regularly attend Conferences and seminars to help me to be the best me I can be.

Professional Development is also very important in any industry but especially in IT. TO help me keep up to date on the latest developments in the industry I am a Women in Technologymember of the Australian Computer Society who have regular events and workshops and the Women in Technology group who also have some great events and workshops.

I also have full Professional & Public Liability so you can be confident that your business is secure and in good hands.

I also have a passion for sustainable living through growing my own organic fruit and vege, to having chickens and a thriving Aquaponics system with over 100 Jade Perch.

If you would like to see some of my work from uni it is available in my online portfolio

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